Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Life, love and thinking about it all

So if I cannot answer my questions, what can I do to make this situation more clear? Go there? Hm, it's too far away. I cannot reach him at the moment so I really don't know.
That's why I am so confused and so unsure about what I do. Unfortunately, I have no one who can give me advice. Honestly, I don't think I would take any advice. Not because I don't trust anyone, but because this is too big and too serious to give it to someone else to decide for me.
If only he would call, or answer my email. I would have some questions to be answered and maybe I would get some answers.
Am I afraid of what those answers may be? Of course I am.. I wouldn't be a human if I wasn't afraid.

For now, I'm just gonna have to wait.... again

Love, Susan

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