Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Viva la Vida

I get bored easily and that's whay I tend to make mistakes and do what I'm not supposed to. But, I cannot help it. I'm doing my best these days not to make mistakes and to make good decisions, but sometimes it is hard to be good all the time. For some, it's impossible.

If necessary, I can pretend that I don't care or that I am not interested about what people think of me. But, most of the time I find myself so worried about the same thing. I cannot allow myself to do this or that because someone may think I am not as good as they thought I was.

And that's my main problem. I am worried about something that I cannot control. Suppresing my real person for somone that I don't even care about too much.
Gotta get ou of those thoughts and live ... :D

Love, Susan

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